Hay Bale Covers

When you don't have a permanent storage facility, an HPI Hay Bale cover will help you protect your investment from the elements. The HPI Hay Bale cover is designed to withstand the many punishments of every day use and common wear and tear in order to save your investment.

Silver/White Woven Poly
The silver material (external) reflects harmful UV Rays and the white material (internal) will aide the the cover by reducing harmful heat build up. This material is classified as 'industrial strength' with triple-stitch edging and has also has ample UV inhibitors. These characteristics allow the material to stand up against the harshest of elements!!


Industrial Strength Nylon Loops
These loops are placed every 30" around the covers perimeter.  Due to the strength of the loop itself and the way it is bound to the cover you will be able to either anchor these loops right into the ground, tie them off, or run steel or wood through them to create a weighted drag.


Heat Sealed seams
Our material is welded together with precision machinery in order to create further protection to your hay.
A heat sealed seam is invisible and allows the cover to act as a total unit when combating moisture. 
These welded seams keep the water out!!!!!!

  • 3-year warranty on material
  • Shipped within 24-hours anywhere in the U.S.
  • Fabricated in Medina, NY.